Spring Summer 2022 Fashion Trends Forecast

New fashion trends are multiplying exponentially because it’s difficult to keep up, count on the runway, and everything is available online. But are fast-changing fashions not just too much fancy finger work for a piece of software?

What summer fashion trends you should expect

Summer fashion trends for 2022 will focus on brightly coloured prints and sporty silhouettes. As the weather gets hotter, try wearing breathable fabrics like cotton and linen to keep your cool. You can also incorporate cityscape visuals into your look with belts, scarves, hats, and sunglasses. Finally, think about pairing your favourite trend with classic staples like sandals and a maxi dress to let your wardrobe be versatile for any occasion. The season of summer is humdrum and lazy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t rock some serious fashion! For spring-summer 2022, stay ahead of the curve by swooping into the latest trends for this season. Here are five popular trends to expect: 1) Floral prints: In the past, floral prints have been seen as juvenile and cutesy. However, this trend is slowly infiltrating high-end fashion in a big way. If you want to stand out from the crowd this summer, be sure to sport a floral print blouse or dress! 2) Glitter: This season, glitter will be all the rage! Whether you opt for dramatic pieces with tonnes of glitter, or subtle glitters on top of your favourite outfits, it’ll be hard not to stand out. If you’re unsure how to rock it, consult your go-to glam squad for tips.

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3) Bright colours: Summertime is the perfect time to roll out brightly coloured clothing items! From light pinks and blues to scarlet and yellow, don’t be afraid to inject a little brightness into your wardrobe this summer. Be sure to mix things up though – don’t wear everything in

Clothing for summer

We know that you’re going to be spending a lot of time outside this summer, and that means you’ll need clothes that can handle the heat. Here are some trending summer styles to help you get started: -Cotton crop shirts: A staple in any wardrobe, these shirts will keep you cool and comfortable while out and about. You can use them as an all-purpose shirt or mix and match with other pieces for a more interesting look. -Boho blouses: These are perfect for getting that airy and bohemian look. Opt for shapes that flow around your body loosely, like pyramid or V-neck tops, for a look that will stay classy even when at the beach. -Sunscreen staples: Keep your skin guarded from the sun with sunscreen and long sleeves. Not only will this help reduce skin cancer risks, but it will keep those pesky bugs at bay too! Make sure to choose a well-formulated sunscreen with UVA/UVB protection, since these rays can cause damage even on pale skin. -Beachy straw hats: A must have for hot days, these hats will keep your head cooling and stylish too. Pick

Top summer hairstyles

Trends to watch out for this year in hairstyles include lots of soft waves, big bouncy curls, and loose waves. If you want to stick to traditional hairstyles, try auburn hair with light brown roots, a sleek bob with layers, or an easy high-tailor bun. For something more experimental, try a golden blonde bob with blue highlights or shaved heads gone wild for a punk feel. Don’t forget about protective styles too – switches to braids, weaves, and coils can help keep your hair healthy and looking great all summer long. The hottest trend for hair this summer is the braid. You can make a basic braid low on the back of your head, or try a more elaborate style with multiple braids wrapped around your head. If you have long hair, you can pull it back into a low ponytail or put it in a simple bun. Whether you go for classic or flashier looks, keep in mind that accessories are key to making these styles work. Try pairing a bejeweled headband with your simple bun, or add some pops of color with jewelry and colorful strands added to your braid.

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Top reading highlights from HuffPost

Guest post: What to expect in fashion this season As we edge closer to Spring and Summertime, fashionistas everywhere are starting to think about what items they will be sporting on their body this season. And thankfully, HuffPost has put together a roundup of some of the most promising upcoming fashion trends for you! So whether you’re looking to stay casual or up your glamour game, be sure to check out these posts below! -The Jumpsuit is making a triumphant return, thanks to its modern and flattering silhouette. From jumpsuits made from lightweight fabrics to detailed designs with a subtle stretch, there’s a jumpsuit for everyone. – Brigitte Bardot would be proud of this Years Most Iconic Hairstyle: The Side Ponytail. Featuring again on celebs such as Chrissy Teigen and Anne Hathaway, this stylish updo pairs well with all types of outfits and can easily be done at home. -If your wardrobe is missing an extra dose of glamour, Melania Trump’s White Ball Gown should definitely be on your shopping list. Designed by Ralph Lauren (of all people!), this sleeveless frock is figure-flattering whether you’re wearing