90s Fashion Shirts

Do you remember the big hair and tie-dye shirts? If you could imagine a 1980s fashion, then you can create any decade imaginable!

90s fashion shirts

In the 1990s, fashion was changing at an ever-increasing rate. The decade saw the rise of grunge and hip hop, as well as a new generation of flamboyant celebrities. One style that defined the 1990s was the shirt. Shirts came in all shapes and sizes, from basic cotton tees to elaborate lace-up shirts. They could be adorned with any number of buttons, ties, and embellishments. From the hottest trends to popular albums and TV shows, there was truly something for everyone in the 90s fashion shirt scene. Keep reading to explore some of the most iconic shirts from this iconic decade! One of the most popular styles during the 1990s were fashion shirts. They came in all different colors, sizes, and styles. If you were into fashion back then, you probably owned at least one of these shirts!

How to wear the shirt

In the ’90s, there were a number of great shirt styles to choose from. Whether you opted for a relaxed fit with a t-shirt underneath, or a more tailored look with a button-up shirt, there was definitely a style for you. Here are three tips for how to wear a 90s fashion shirt: 1. Choose your fabric carefully When it comes to choosing your shirt fabric, be sure to think about what type of climate you will be wearing it in. Cotton is the most common type of fabric used in 90s fashion shirts, and it’s both breathable and soft. However, cotton can get hot and moist in summer weather, so if that’s the climate you’re planning on spending your days in, go for a lighter weight cotton option. For colder climates, consider wool or heavy cotton fabrics. Both are warm but won’t produce sweat as easily.

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2. Pair it with pants or skirts A fitted shirt is best worn with pants or skirts that have some shape to them. A straight leg pant or skirt is perfect for this style of shirt since they provide structure while keeping the outfit professional. If you’re looking for something more relaxed, pair the shirt with

T-shirts with buttons

If there was ever a shirt that screamed 90s, it would be this one. With big, bold buttons all over the front, it’s the perfect shirt to show off your rockin’ grunge style! 90s T-shirts featured buttons as a main design element, making them popular among adults and kids alike. Some of the most iconic T-shirts from this era featured prints like dogs playing poker or cars driving on the beach, and with their brightly coloured designs, they were major fashion statement. Buttons also helped make these shirts more durable – they were easier to take care of and less likely to fade or wear out.

100% cotton

Back in the 90s, fashion was all about neon tanktops and baggy pants. If you wanted to look good, you had to wear a shirt that showed off your toned muscles. And trust us, no one looked better in a stylish, 100% cotton shirt than you did! Whether you were lifting weights at the gym or just staying active outdoors, a great shirt made all the difference. Not only were they comfortable to wear, but they also looked great with any outfit. And don’t forget about the sleeves! They might have been short back then, but they still provided ample coverage for your arms. Plus, when it came time to cool down with a drink after work, a short sleeve shirt definitely beat a long sleeve one hands down.

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Chart Style Lettering

90s fashion shirts were always a bright spot in anyones closet. Whether you were wearing them to school or just hanging out with your friends, there was always something fun and exciting about seeing those cute graphics on a tee. From happy elephant stickers to cute sugar skulls, there was always something to choose from. With so many options available it was hard to pick just one favorite! There’s no doubt that the 90s were a decade of big hair and Abercrombie & Fitch. And, whether you loved it or not, lettering on t-shirts was a part of that era. From relatively subtle dottings to garish font-bombing, check out some of our favorite 90s fashion shirt lettering trends!

Undershirt fabric mixed into shirt

90s fashion shirts were made by mixing undershirt fabric into the shirt’s main fabric. This allowed for a more comfortable and sporty feel, as well as a cool look. If you’re trying to find a 90s fashion shirt that will embody your party attire, then look no further than the undershirt-mixing trend. While this style was popularized by singers in the early 00s like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, it has since become a staple on many men’s wardrobes. One way to wear an undershirt-mixed shirt is by pairing it with a chinos or sweatpants for a more casual look, or dress it up with a blazer for an elevated feel.


Looking back on the 1990s, one of the most popular trends in fashion was using stylish shirts to complete an outfit. Whether it was a brightly-coloured collared shirt or a loose-fitting denim shirt, 90s shirts were always a great way to inject some personality into your look. Today, we’re showcasing some of our favourite 90s fashion shirts and letting you know how to style them for any occasion. So whether you’re looking for a casual day outfit or something more formal, check out these recommendations and get ready to take your wardrobe down memory lane! 90s fashion shirts are a timeless way to show your personality and style. Whether you prefer bold printing or simple stripes, there is a 90s shirt out there for you. Be sure to try on a few different styles to find the perfect one for your unique look. And don’t forget about waistbands—they can make all the difference in terms of how your shirt looks and feels.

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