Miami Dolphins Christmas Shirt

Get your holiday-spirit on with a Miami Dolphins Christmas shirt! As football jollies the bejesus out of you during party season, this shirt is guaranteed to be the life of the event. A design that features bright blue and pink lettering looks regal and warm, making it an obvious eleventh hour gift choice for all NFL fans.

If you’re looking for a cozy and festive shirt this holiday season, you need to check out the Miami dolphins! They’ve got everything from Hawaiian shirts to tam o’shanters, but we especially love their christmas sweaters. Whether you’re into reindeer or snowflakes, these track jackets will have everyone in the family smiling. If you’re in the Miami area and want to show your support for the dolphins, look no further than Christmas 2016’s official Miami Dolphin Christmas Shirt. This shirt is officially licensed by the NFL and features some festive Dolphins graphics that will have you ready for the holidays in style. Whether you’re christmas shopping or just looking for a festive shirt to wear all winter, this one’s perfect!

What is a Christmas shirt?

A Christmas shirt is a festive clothing item typically worn around Christmas time. They are usually made of cotton, and are brightly coloured, often featuring images or symbols associated with the season. A Christmas shirt is a shirt that is worn on Christmas day.

How to make an everyday Christmas T-shirt

If you want to make a Miami Dolphins Christmas Shirt, there are a few things you will need.

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1. A white shirt of your favorite team

2. A black shirt or other dark fabric

3. A piece of ribbon or yarn

4. A needle and thread

5. Pom-poms or other decorations

6. Scissors

7. Iron

  • Start by cutting out the white shirt into a square approximately the same size as the black shirt or other dark fabric you will be using. The edge of the white shirt should be folded so that the fold meets in the center of the square and safety pins can be used to hold it in place while sewing.
  • Place the white shirt over the black shirt and trace around the edge with a pencil so that the edges of both shirts are accurately lined up when sewing is complete. Be sure to leave enough room at each seam for a pom-pom or other decoration later on, and cut away any excess fabric on either side of the outline with scissors.
  • Next, sew along each edge of the white shirt, making sure to back stitch at least once for added strength (this step is optional but recommended). Try not to pull too tight during sewing

Steps for creating a DIY easy Christmas shirt

There are so many easy and fun DIY christmas shirts to make this year! You can either buy a ready-made shirt or make a custom one yourself. This post will show you how to make a DIY easy Christmas shirt. First, choose your fabrics. You can use any combination of fabric types you like: cotton, knit, flannel, etc. If you’re using a knit or a woven fabric, be sure to wash it first so the fabric doesn’t hold wrinkles.

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The next step is to cut out your pieces. For the body of the shirt, you will need a front and back piece. Then, for the sleeves, you will need two pieces: one for the top of the sleeve and one for the bottom. To make the front and back piece, fold each fabric panel in half and then hem them along the edge. Make sure to leave enough extra fabric at each end so that you can sew them together later. Next, sew the two panels together along the folded edge. Make sure to leave a couple of inches open so that you can turn it inside out later. Now, turn the shirt inside out so that


Whether you’re a Dolphins fan or not, everyone needs a Miami Christmas shirt to wear this holiday season. Shop our selection and pick out your favorite design before we sell out! If you’re a fan of the Miami Dolphins, there’s no need to cry wolf this holiday season. There are plenty of ways to show your enthusiasm for the team (andMiami) without breaking the bank. Check out our list of festive NFL gear and accessories that won’t make your wallet singe. From shirts and sweatshirts to hats and mugs, we’ve got just what you need to dress like a local this Christmas.