Libbey Old Fashioned Glass

Libbey created a new glass for their line of old fashioned glasses that was an update on the traditional style. The silver coloring can be ordered with a black or white glitter finish which makes it unique. It is a step-up from the classic glass shape, boasting a thinner top with a thicker stem that gives it a more curved neck and allows them to fit in your hand with less resistance and weight.

What is libbey?

Libbey is a brand of cognac that is known for its high quality and distinctive taste. First created in the early 1800s, libbey cognac has been produced continuously to this day. Libbey is a well-known glass manufacturer that produces both high-quality and affordable wine and beer glasses. Their glasses are designed to flatter any drinker, no matter their size or shape. Libbey also offers a huge range of novelty glasses, perfect for those special occasions.

How do glasses work?

Libbey glass glasses work by using the principle of surface tension. When liquid is placed on a solid, the surface tension of the liquid tries to pull the particles of solid together. However, because liquids are less dense than solids, some liquid remains above the solid particle. This remaining liquid pressure pushes the solid downward, causing it to create an air pocket around the particle. This air pocket creates a partial vacuum and pulls fluid up from below, which causes the entire surface of the solid to rise and eventuallyforms a bubble on top of the liquid. Glasses work by refracting light. The thicker the glass, the more light it will refract. This is why glasses are used to protect your eyes from the sun.

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