Fashion Trends Summer 2022

summer is coming and if you’re my age, chances are you’re scouring the retailers for must-have summer trends.

The 5 Major Fashion Trends:

1. Beach Wedding Style 2. Collegiate Style 3. Vintage Modest Style 4. Loafer Look 5. Casual City Chic 1. The Plaid Craze: In recent years, plaid has been making a comeback as a popular fashion trend. This season, expect to see plaid patterns in your wardrobe all summer long. Whether you go for a more structured look with aplaid pants or a more relaxed interpretation with a graphic plaid shirt, this trend is sure to add some farm-to-table style to your look. 2. The Beach Babe Look: This season, channel your beach bod on days when the weather lets you take it easy outdoors. Go for glossy sun dresses and blouson crop tops that let you show off your curves while staying cool and comfortable. If you want to amp up the casual vibe, pair these clothes with some sandals and sunglasses for a look that’s ready for any day at the pool or beach. 3. Floral Prints Everywhere: If you love adding a little brightness and sparkle to any outfit, consider opting for floral prints this summer. From chic maxi skirts to playful printed tankinis, this printable trend is perfect for taking your style up a notch without having to break the bank. And if you want to be extra daring, try pairing your

What You Can Expect in Fashion This Year:

Looking for some must-have fashion trends for the summer season? Keep reading to get a rundown of what you can expect to see on the runways this year. From sundresses to breezy skirts, here are five of the most popular trends that you’ll want to add to your wardrobe! Summer is here which means it’s time to bust out the sundresses and flip-flops! In honor of summer fashion trends, we’re taking a look at what you can expect to see on fashion runways this year. From floral prints to straw hats, take a look below for some of our favorite upcoming trends.

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Pieces to Have in Your Closet

When it comes to fashion, it’s always important to keep up with the trends! This summer, we can expect some exciting new fashion trends to come into play. Here are a handful of pieces that you should definitely have in your closet this season: 1. A maxi skirt: A maxi skirt is a great Summer staple, and it will look amazing teamed with a strappy T-shirt and sandals. You can also wear it as a dress if you want something more formal. 2. A brightly colored crop top: Crop tops are definitely in this year, and for good reason! They add an element of fun and unexpectedness to your wardrobe, and they go great with any outfit. Try opting for a bright color like hot pink or lime green. 3. Ankle boots: Ankle boots are perfect for Summer weather! They’re stylish and comfortable, so you can take them from day to night without having to worry about wrinkled clothes or sweaty feet. And they go great with everything! If you’re looking for more ideas on how to style these trendy items, be sure to check out our blog post