Fashion Colour Trends 2022

The future of wearing colour is something people are always curious about because what you wear on your body is how you present yourself to the world. But what will be the next fashion trend in 2022? We all know that colours rarely last more than a year or two, but the trends that gain traction now can stay for about 5 years so who knows what will catch our eye next!

Colours of 2023

The next year is set to be Colourful, with a range of new fashion trends predicted for the year. According to trend forecasters, there will be a resurgence of pastel colours and patterns, as well as prints and graphic details. Here are five of the most popular fashion colour trends for 2022: 1) Pastel Colors and Patterns According to trend forecasters, people will shift towards softer and more delicate shades this year. This includes pastels such as light pinks, baby blues and lavenders, which will be popular in both men’s and women’s clothing. 2) Prints and Graphic Details Another popular trend for 2022 is graphics and prints. This will include everything from checkerboard patterns to bold prints in different sizes and colors. 3) Beachy Look As the weather heats up in countries around the world, many people will crave a seaside-inspired look. This includes wearing light colours and breezy fabrics on hot days, such as cotton blends and gauzy blouses. 4) Metallic Colours Metallic colors are another popular trend that many people are looking forward to in 2022. This includes metallic variations of preexisting colors such as

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A retrospective of the colours at different seasons in 2022

In 2022, fashion lovers will be able to observe a reversal of trend in the way colours are used. The past nine years have seen a predominance of earth tones and neutrals in every fashion season, with bright colours usually restricted to accessories or flamboyant prints. However, in the second half of the year, we can expect to see a revival of some of the brighter hues that have been waning in popularity due to their overuse. The most popular colour during the first half of the year was navy blue, which was worn by both men and women. This shade has been popular for years due to its versatile nature and ability to be dressed up or down. Other notable colours during this period included pink and coral, which were primarily seen on women’s clothing. In Spring, we saw a comeback of green and teal as summer shades; these colours usually tend to fade away in warmer weather but proved popular again this year. During Fall, oranges and red became popular again after having been absent from most fashion collections for much of the previous year. These vibrant tones are perfect for fall because they are warm without being too warm or too cold, giving you the opportunity to mix and match different pieces from