Catholic Charities Legal Services Miami

Please consider donating your house to catholic charities legal services miami.

How Catholic Charities has Helped in Miami

Catholic Charities has been providing services to the poor, marginalized and needy in Miami for more than 150 years. From monetary donations to food banks, clothing drives and more, Catholic Charities is always there to help those in need. Visit their website or call them for information on how you can help them with your donation. Catholic Charities has been providing legal services to the Miami community since 1905. The organization offers a broad range of legal services, from family law to housing law. Its legal representatives are licensed attorneys who are available to offer free consultation and representation in both civil and criminal court cases. In addition to its core legal services, Catholic Charities often participates in pro bono work. This helps provide legal assistance to those who cannot afford it, and it also educates the public about the importance of responsible legal planning. The organization was founded by Father Peter J. Reilly, who recognized the need for a religious organization to provide legal assistance in the Miami area. Catholic Charities has since helped countless families in need, and it is committed to continuing its longstanding tradition of service in the community.

How to apply for Legal Aid from Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities Legal Services provides free, confidential legal assistance to low-income Miami residents. To apply for legal aid, visit their website and complete an application form. The charity will then provide a lawyer to review your case and offer advice. Catholic Charities Legal Services is open Monday through Thursday 9am-5pm, Friday 9am-12pm, and Saturday 10am-12pm.

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Catholic Charities Miami provides legal aid to individuals and families who are low-income, have special needs, or are vulnerable due to discrimination. You can apply for legal aid through the following steps:

1. Meet with an attorney at Catholic Charities.

2. Complete an intake questionnaire.

3. Complete an application form.

4. Submit the completed forms to the Catholic Charities office.

5. Receive a determination of eligibility.

6. Pay your fees and receive legal services.

7. Follow up with Catholic Charities attorneys to ensure you are getting the best possible service.

Catholic Charities Miami offers free initial consultations for low-income individuals and families who want to know more about their rights under the law as well as how best to protect those rights.


There are many catholic charities and legal services in Miami that provide assistance to people in need. If you are looking for a charity or legal service to donate to, be sure to look around and choose one that is best suited for your needs. Additionally, if you have any questions about donating to a charity or legal service, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to help! Many people donate to Catholic charities for a multitude of reasons, and one of the main benefits is that these organizations frequently offer legal services. If you are thinking about donating money to a Catholic charity in order to support their legal services, be sure to do your research first. There are many legitimate options available, so it is important that you choose the right one for your needs.