80s Miami Vice Women’s Fashion

In the 1980s Miami Vice expanded its beautiful presence throughout film and television with a strong emphasis on clothing. The show ran for so long it fused into the entertainment industry pop culture and took a lasting impact on fashion.

80s Miami Vice Women’s Fashion: What You Need to Know

If you’re looking to recreate the look of 1980s Miami Vice women, you’ll want to know about the fashion that was popular during that era. From bright colors and sequins to slicked-back hair and designer jeans, there was a lot of choice for women in the 80s. Below, we’ve outlined some key pieces of 80s Miami Vice women’s fashion that will help you nail the look. And don’t forget to take advantage of our blog’s social media features to share your retro style with others!

Bright Colors and Sequins: One of the hallmarks of 80s Miami Vice fashion was its vibrant color palette and loads of sequins. From clothing accessories to makeup, everything looked pixelated and over-the-top cool. Try channeling this style with bright primary colors or coordinating sequin shades with your wardrobe.

Slick Back Hair: Women in the 80s loved high-end hair care products and stylists who could give them sleek, straight hair. So if you prefer your hair out of your face, go for a slick back look instead of a bouncy ‘do.

Fit vs. Fashion

In the 1980s, Miami Vice was one of the most popular TV shows on the air. There were so many memorable scenes and outfits worn by the women on the show that it’s hard to not want to emulate them! Some of our favorites include Daliah Styles’ bright pink trench coat and snake necklace, Gina Carano’s tight-fitting leather pants, and Don Johnson’s always-on-point suits. No matter what era you’re trying to dress like, there are some key tips for pulling off a retro look:

  1. Start with a versatile outfit that can be dressed up or down.
  2. Make sure your accessories reflect your style and help you look your best.
  3. Be daring and stay true to your own unique self!
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Key Looks from the 80s

Looking back at the 80s, one of the most popular fashions was women’s fashion from Miami Vice. These days, many people may not be familiar with this show or the fashion that was worn back then, but there are still some key looks that you can emulate if you want to look like a Miami Vice woman. Whether you’re looking for a sleek business dress or a flashy party dress, there are plenty of options out there that will bring back memories of running around in colorful hot pants and fancy blouses. Just make sure to channel your inner Jane Fonda and add a fluffy coat of lash mascara and some bright lipstick to complete the look!

Key trends of the 80s

There were a lot of fashion trends in the 80s. Here are a few of the most popular ones:

  • The bright and colorful palette. From neon clothes to tie-dye designs, people loved showing off their creative side in 1988 with their clothing choices.
  • The big shoulder pads. Everyone from TV stars to everyday women rocked these oversized pads on the runway in the early part of the decade.
  • Patterns and prints. Quite a few designers went for vibrant patterns and prints in their collections, giving fashion lovers something new and exciting to look at every season.
  • The mini skirt. This classic style was all the rage during the 1980s, with everyone from singers to office workers rocking them wherever they went.

How are clothes evolving for the modern woman now?

In the 1980s, Mui Vice women were all about fashion. There were two types of Mui Vice woman: the girls who were all about glamour and the girls who were all about edgy and street style. Fast forward to today, and women are still dressing in ways that reflect their personalities and individual fashion styles. However, there are some general trends that have emerged over the past few decades that many modern day Mui Vice women can incorporate into their wardrobes. Here are five such trends:

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1. Colors – In the 1980s, colors tended to be more muted, but now they’re often brighter and more complex. This reflects in both men’s and women’s fashion, as more people are choosing colors that stand out from the crowd.

2. Mixing Trends – Just because one trend is popular on the runway or in magazines doesn’t mean that you have to stick to it when you’re shopping for clothing. Instead, try mixing different trends together to create your own unique look. For example, you might combine a retro style with avant-garde fabrication techniques to get a unique look that nobody has seen before.

Arrivals by Season

When it comes to the hottest trends in women’s fashion, the 80s are definitely top of mind. From the neon-hued lipstick and wild shoulder pads to oversized sunglasses and tight mini skirts, these were the years when Miami Vice women ruled the gridiron. So how did they wear it? In this blog section, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular 80s Miami Vice women’s fashion looks, starting with hot blonde Chrissy Metz’s iconic outfits from the show’s early seasons. 1980s Miami Vice Women’s Fashion The 1980s were a time of change for Miami Vice. The skyline was shrouded in a new skyline–a series of highrises that dominated the downtown area. Crime rates also began to rise, with more robberies, shootings, and murders taking place. But while a crime was on the rise, so too was fashion. The skirts were longer, the blouses straighter and, most strikingly of all, the sunglasses were nowhere to be found. For women wanting to dress like their favorite characters on Miami Vice, there were a number of options available. From cool mods to sultry showgirls, we take a look at eight different women’s fashion trends from the 1980s Miami Vice TV show.